Friday, November 3, 2017

Death Wish 1.4 is available now!

It's here!

I've been adding some minor things concerning GDX and a few other non-essential issues since release day on Halloween, so make sure to grab the latest version from as well as the latest news from:

Download page:

If you see any problems just let me know. Make sure it's something related to the mod and not a problem with GDX or a bug from the original game!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Death Wish 1.4 Out this October

I've been digging back into some of the maps in my free time since December, and it looks like there's not too much left to do at this point other than the movies, adding extra architecture, and testing. I'm setting October 2017 as the Death Wish 1.4 release month. If October comes around and the movies aren't done I'll just leave them be and release the new level set.

What are the major changes?

After watching a bunch of LPs over the last few years I made some edits to a lot of the problem areas players ran into as well as a variety of things I wanted to add or make better.

• Architecture changes to all missions (some more than others where sector limits allowed). New areas and better looking old areas.

• 2 new secret levels (+2 transition levels to rejoin the main campaign).

• Health rebalance: Last version was a little too stingy on health so I fixed that. Extra Crispy is still there for experts (including my devious prox mine placement)

• I removed a lot of things that impeded speedrunning / bomb-jump skips and added some new areas in several maps that add more speedrun opportunities (like connecting previously separate sections with only a tall wall between).

• Big overhauls to areas players singled out as annoying or confusing. For example, lot of people found the majority of Mothership too dark and plodding (especially with the vent system), so I did a lot of work to that mission to brighten up several places, connect sections, etc. The arrangement and weapon loadout for the Beast fights in Last Rites was also annoying for many players, so I put better weapon/ammo drops before those fights. Originally the idea was that players would shotgun them off the cliff (killing them instantly) but almost no one knew that was possible and it was difficult to do. I continued fixing these types of situations as I went through making changes to other things.

• New secret areas created when the opportunity arose during remodeling.

• The little things to make the missions more fun and less confusing:
- Many elevators move more quickly
- Doors open more quickly in missions where there are a lot of them to open (like The Abyss)
- Some key symbols and switches that blended into the environment were made easier to spot
- Extremely dark areas were brightened with better lighting overall
- Sections with too many uniform textures were edited to be more distinct and easy to navigate
- Large water areas have been upgraded so that you'll swim in the desired direction more quickly (like the beginning of Weird Science)
- Instances of "cheap" hitscan enemy placement edited

• Less multiplayer trapping. Doors that close (like the bomb door in Jigsaw) will eventually reopen, for example, so other players don't get locked out. There are probably some places that this kind of thing can still happen, but in the end this is a single-player campaign first and I don't want to compromise that experience to accommodate multiplayer. I was going to add teleporter "checkpoints" for multiplayer in all the levels, but with my very limited free time to work on Death Wish that didn't seem like a good time investment. Just the same, I tried to keep an eye out for trapping situations and hopefully I tended to most of them.

• Most switches’ height adjusted so less mouselook movement is required.

• More End Switches so it’s more clear that the level will end in several places instead of finding out the moment you try to open a door or walk down a hallway

Monday, December 12, 2016

Death Wish Update

Apparently people still check this site so here's the status!

I've been running an indie game company with a friend since 2013 so I haven't had a lot of time to work on Death Wish in the last few years. However, I still play around and tinker with it from time-to-time so I was eyeballing October for an update. The biggest delay has been getting around to redoing the movies that play at the start/end of each episode (does anyone even care about those?).

Anyway, here are some changes:

New Secret Levels

If you've played all my other maps outside Death Wish then you've seen the new secret levels already, at least in their old form. I've updated them to "Death Wish standard" by adding effects, creating new areas, balancing fights, etc. With secret levels comes new transition levels, of course.

Like the other secret levels you'll need Key 7 to get to them, which will still require some careful exploration.

Some changes to existing levels

• Health rebalance: Last version was a little too stingy on health so I fixed that. Extra Crispy is still there for experts (including troll-like prox mine placement)
• Added new areas or altered architecture to every map (where the wall/sector max permitted)
• Removed some invisible walls and altered a few other things to make levels more speedrun friendly
• More multiplayer friendly
• More secret stuff for reaching the new levels (not listed below)

e1m1: new architecture in final segment, underwater area, and near spider key
e1m2: less glitchy cars, wrecked truck added to overpass, added toll booth, new "factory" areas
e1m3: fixed bouncing butcher glitch, improved some areas, removed tentacle enemies
e1m4: more complex staircase (shows damage), final area's bad choices (choose wisely) do more interesting thing than just instant death, almost all the sliding doors open more quickly
e1m5: small area changes, bomb door reopens after explosion, less deadly cave-in
e1m6: small area changes (planning to improve final fight)
e1m7: removed key requirement that prevented a speedrun skip, small area changes
e1m8: better hallway aesthetics, changed method to access secret area
e1m9: small area changes, moon key easier to see in dance room
e1m10: better outdoor area, more snow effects outside first hallway

e2m1: small area changes, small transport car returns to origin (for multiplayer restarts)
e2m2: small area changes, removed some key requirements so you can bomb-jump the big wall and enter the base from the 2nd elevator (more speedrun friendly)
e2m3: areas become walled off during the destruct sequence (dramatically cutting down the number of explosions needed and the resulting errors that come from it), much faster pod ride, multiplayer "traps" removed
e2m4: small area changes, water in first area flows toward the docks (so the swim is much faster even when the distance is the same)
e2m5: small area changes (planning to improve vineyard battle)
e2m6: small area changes, underwater area less obnoxious, fixed gate in flesh orbit area
e2m7: small area changes, enemy placement changes, removed a key requirement that prevented bomb-jump skipping from blue crystal area to a later area to get the dagger key early
e2m8: small architecture changes, faster elevator to top level, less gargoyle spawns (that most players are skipping near the end of the level anyway), greatly improved a few of the "tree areas"
e2m9: small changes, got rid of that ugly little island in the lava, doors eventually reopen (for multiplayer)
e2m10: better explosion sequence, greatly improved "lab" area that looks less uniform
e2m11: small area changes

e3m1: small area changes -- not much I can do here since you can only have so many fog areas before Mapedit crashes
e3m2: small area changes
e3m3: better elevators, small architecture edits, more multiplayer friendly
e3m4: small changes, bait shop wall easier to access
e3m5: various edits, removed invisible walls and altered map a bit to allow speedrun TNT-skips, planning on making the appearance of the eye key at the top of the gallery more clear), faster wall-bombing explosion string after radio call, easier to spot radio
e3m6: small area edits, first elevator setup doesn't require you to shoot the switch, less enemy spam in flesh temple underwater area
e3m7: lots of changes, mostly to combat and enemy placement, fighting the Beasts is way less annoying and is preceded by better weapon drops, superfluous stone gargoyle removed
e3m8: you can't blow up the dying TBog early with an explosive while the sounds still play, I tried speeding up the initial platform ride but you just fall off :-/
e3m9: small changes to textures
e3m10: ocean area is now very shallow (I was going to convert it to ice or something but then it doesn't make sense for you to sail to the next level)

That's it for now! I'm debating adding one last secret level so each episode has 2 a piece, but we'll see what I have to for in the coming year. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Death Wish 1.4 in development.

Hey everybody! It's been a while so I thought I'd drop a note that I am working on the 1.4 update to Death Wish. Changes include adjustments in health availability (turning the overall difficulty down a bit — no one likes quicksaving every 2 minutes), some compatibility issues for multiplayer, and few other goodies I'll reveal in the future.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Death Wish 1.3

This will very likely be the final version of Death Wish.

It fixes some problems people came across during streaming play, and includes all the changes from both 1.2 and the crispy patch.

Get Death Wish v1.3 here:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crispy Patch

Apparently the final level of episode 3 is beyond annoying on the highest difficulties.
This evens things out a bit.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Death Wish 1.2

 Available in a few hours on ModDB.

Using this new version will not interfere with any of your game saves. The new version of the current mission will load the next time you play through.

The blood save files basically make a copy of the level that's being played so loading up the new stuff won't erase your progress even through all the maps are being overwritten :-)
Cutscene paths changed from C:\blood\ to C:\ in DW.ini
Some mission music rearranged
Enemy/respawn alterations throughout entire map set
Large reduction of Acolytes in favor of other enemy types
Some altered respawn arrangement
Miscellaneous textures aligned and altered
Many areas now favor enemy difficulty over increased numbers
Bugs and "traps" in co-op fixed

Friday, November 4, 2011

Death Wish 1.1

This version features every fix and the updated README & GoG content.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11-2-11 Updates

Critical bugs and other issues addressed:
Actor error from e1m3 that some people are having resolved 
False keydrop in e2m3 fixed in single-player mode
e2m7 door toggle fixed for lower difficulty settings

README expanded to include info on running Death Wish on the version of Blood
README expanded to include info on bMouse for mouselook

GOG Cut Scene Fix

Some people have been experiencing difficulties getting the cut scenes to play when using the version of Blood, so we've cooked up a few fixes.Answers to your questions are available in the README included in Death Wish. It covers everything from using bMouse to compatibility issues and fixes for GoG's Blood.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Death Wish Released!

It has arrived at last!

Caleb will need to muster all his strength to take down the mighty Tchernobog,
who has managed to free himself from the grip of death.

ModDB Page

  1. Over 30 levels spread out across 3 episodes, which includes secret levels and transition levels for flowing smoothly back into the main campaign.
  2. 6 new cut scenes, appearing at the beginning and end of each episode explaining the story and its developments throughout the course of the game.
  3. New story, taking place after the events of the original Blood and its add-ons while staying within the same mythology.
  4. The Tome message system, giving the player hints and story tidbits during play to further deepen the story and reveal hints or secrets.
  5. All the levels have been adapted to be playable in Co-Op mode, so you and up to 7 other friends can tackle Death Wish together.
  6. All levels include modified enemy and item placement depending on difficulty settings for added replay value. Even long-time Blood pros will find a challenge in Death Wish's brutal Extra Crispy setting.
  7. A very detailed plain-text Walkthrough is included. It is split into 2 sections: One with the basic player path discussed and the other revealing all available secrets.
  8. A Commentary text file is included, revealing the creator and lead QA tester's thoughts on Death Wish and its content.
  9. A detailed README file is included, ensuring that everyone can get things working properly even on varying file system configurations.
  10. Simple drag-and-drop installation — no confusing or malfunctioning installers.

Download Now!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Released Tomorrow!

Excited yet? The countdown is on!

Today I'll be creating the final piece of Death Wish, the README file, which will go over installation as simply as possible. Well, there's almost nothing to it:

  1. Drop everything into the Blood directory
  2. Follow README instructions to make sure cut scenes will play

All files have the prefix "dw" making them easy to locate in your Blood folder.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Added Death Wish to Mod Database

Awaiting approval at the Mod Database for Death Wish.

Update: Added!

Death Wish Completed

The add-on has been completed at last. More details soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cutscene Progress

Still on track to release on Monday.

All audio recorded and converted for the cutscenes. Artwork finished for 4 of 6. Hopefully will have 2 of the 6 scenes completed by tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Challeges Set

All maps have been updated for varying difficulty levels. The majority of variation occurs between the Medium (Pink on the Inside), Hard (Well Done), and Very Hard (Extra Crispy) settings.

It is noted in the Walkthrough that the guide was built for Medium difficulty, and variations occur in enemy and item placement when not playing on that particular difficulty setting.

Now to tie up some loose ends as the release date draws near!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bring on the Pain

I've begun adjusting the levels for the 2 highest difficulty levels, adding in extra enemies and changing up ammo / item type and placement.

The add-on is pretty difficult all on its own on Extra Crispy without any adjustments, but there's always someone out there who wants a crazy challenge.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walkthrough Completed

The walkthrough for Death Wish has been completed. If you ever get stuck in a level or just can't find that last secret, this will help you out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Done Building Levels

Okay, this is the last level I've made for Death Wish. For real this time!

I've done another full run-through of the entire add-on and did little fixes here and there, but now it's time to work on the final steps. First up: Adding Co-Op starting points to the maps, which I've been putting off since it's tedious and time consuming. 

(New) E3M3: Shadehaven

Free of the dimensional nightmare world, Caleb makes his way to a lonely mountain acting as refuge for lost souls. He'll have to make his way to the peak of the citadel to discover the secret of escaping.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Release Date Announcement

The official release date for Death Wish will be this Halloween, October 31, 2011!
In the meantime, I'll be releasing some more information as well as giving updates and other goodies.
Here's the first — a new mission!

(New) E2M6: Deep-Sixed

Let's see if Caleb can dig himself out of this situation! He'll have to battle his way from a dank burial cellar to the haunted shores beyond to make his way toward the Black Tower.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I need some time to take care of some personal business as well as getting the cutscenes ready. In the meantime, I'll be polishing up completed levels and making little additions here and there. In this case, it's a BIG addition — a new level!

I was doing a complete runthrough of Death Wish and saw a place where I could roll with a few ideas I had floating around. This mission will follow E2M4, bumping down the following missions. I have a final release date for Death Wish in mind, but I won't make any announcements until I'm sure I can stick to it.

(New) E2M5: The Grapes of Wraith

Furtile grounds beyond the castle once yielded plentiful fruits, but now a lurking evil has poisoned the earth. Caleb will have to make his way through the rain and sludge to find the source of the curse.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Mission Completed!

Final mission completed. No spoiler preview for this one — you'll have to see this for yourself. Now I just have to finish up the walkthrough and the cutscenes. After that I'll do a little more playtesting/polishing. Then it will be time to release Death Wish!

E3M7: Dead End

The final showdown. Caleb is in for a fight like no other, battling his foe in the twisted spaces between dimensions. It's going to take everything he's got to put an end to the Dreaming God once and for all.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

With this completed, only the final boss battle remains! I can hardly believe that I'm almost done.

E3M6: Last Rites

The end is near. It's a race against time to find Tchernobog before he achieves his goal, moving from the coast to the temple where Tchernobog was defeated so many years ago. If Caleb is too late, he'll be pitted against a power greater than any he has faced before.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Updates

I've been working on a number of things in the past several weeks.
  1. E3M6 is nearly complete, but was very effects-heavy and took some extra time.
  2. E3M9 (Transition Mini-Level) is completed.
  3. Went back through some of the previous levels and did some editing here and there.
  4. Installed Boot Camp on my Mac so I could run the smacker conversion software for video.
  5. Recorded audio for movies.
  6. Created a complete plain-text walkthrough of every completed level for the add-on, split into 2 sections: One that doesn't reveal any secrets of secret levels and another that reveals everything. This took waaaay more time than I thought it would, but it helped me catch a few errors and make the player game-path a little less confusing in the more complicated maps.
 I'm basically trying to polish up some of the older stuff as we close in on the end here. After E3M6 is done I just have to create the final boss level! The whole thing is really starting to feel complete. Looks like the final map total will clock in at 28, excluding the BB Maps and the special Co-Op map (although the rest of the add-on will be set up for Co-Op, as well).

As you can see from my list there will be movies with narration at the beginning and end of each episode to flesh out the story. Hopefully I haven't gotten too rusty with After Effects. I edit video quickly so don't expect that to hold me up too much.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Secret Level Completed!

As with all secret levels this place can be a little tricky to find, but if you do be prepared for a surreal treat!

E3M8: Nightmare

You awaken back at home, but soon realize that all is not well! You'll retrace memories of missions past — shattered and reformed in a red-stained, choatic vision.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Episode 2 Completed!

Finally got around to making the secret level for episode 2. I felt like I needed something simple and fun to work on after E3M5, which was a long and complicated project.

E2M8: Dread Faction

You discover a group of cultists that has splintered off from The Cabal to start their own army. However, managing the large group of monsters proves too much and the facility is overrun. Considering the cultists were forced to leave their weaponry behind in the labs, this may be a mess worth cleaning up!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're starting to come close to the end! The environment is just as dangerous as the enemies in this one.

E3M5: Inferno

Now we're getting to the bottom of things! Deep in the mountains a sweltering cavern awaits those brave enough to enter. Tread carefully — enemies lurk around every corner and one false move could get you riddled with bullets or sent to a fiery grave!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fleshing Things Out

I'm closing in on the completion of E3M5, but that's not the only thing I've been working on all this time. I've gone through all the previous levels a bit to touch up any errors and make small adjustments.

The biggest feature I added were tomes that bring up messages when you collect them. There are several in each level, and they have special messages that reveal secrets, story elements, and sometimes nothing more than offhand cultist comments. They're not always right in your path, but if Caleb gets curious and starts searching every corner he should be able to find them all.

They aren't essential to actually conquering any of the locations but I thought it would be a nice feature for those who take the time to wander around each map looking for goodies.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving Along

My modifications to Episode 1 are finished and I'm continuing my work on the next level, E3M5.

Levels left to complete:

E3M5 (In Progress)
E3M7 (Final Boss Level)
E2M8 (Secret Level, some work completed)
E3M8 (Secret Level)
E3M9 (Transition Mini-Level, some work completed)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Patching Things Up

Some of the more recent levels put a few of the ones from Episode 1 to shame, so I've been going back and sprucing up a few of the oldies over the last 2 weeks.

• Revising the visuals
• Adding new areas
• Fixing old glitches (I think there aren't any left!)

After this week I'll probably get started on the next new level.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

E3M4 Completed!

Another one bites the dust! Just as E2M4 is my homage to the original Blood's E4M1, this map is my homage to the original Blood's E3M2.


E3M4: Duck & Cover

Your boat trip gets cut short, and it looks like you're in for a real battle this time. You'll have to raise hell in this war-torn city to reach your goal on the opposite side. There may not be a building left standing by the time this fight is over!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

E3M4 Almost Done!

After getting lots of free time to map over the holidays I am closing in on the completion of the explosive E3M4! After the more subdued settings of E3M1–E3M3 I thought I'd hop into something a little more wild. Inspired by one of the fan favorites from the original game ;-)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Level Challenge

I made some adjustments in the first two episodes to make the secret levels a little more tricky to access. Now all that's left is to make sure the secret levels are good enough to go to the trouble of finding them!

Monday, December 13, 2010

E3M3 Completed!

Finally finished! It took longer than my usual levels but this thing is massive. The depth cuing is removed from these shots so you can see a little more.


E3M3: Bogey Beach

Out of The Room and off to the shore! There's a lot to explore on this infested boardwalk, but you'll need to find a way across the ocean to continue on your journey.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Closing In

E3M3 is mostly finished, and turned out to be one of the more elaborate maps so far.

As usual I thought I was getting close to finishing a while ago but couldn't help adding in some extras here and there.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Clear

Today I changed all the image hosting so that everything exists only on the blog's webspace.

Yesterday I got a nice chunk of E3M3 finished, which is turning out to have some of my favorite visuals in Death Wish. Hopefully I'll be close to finishing next week.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death Wish • Everything So Far

Death Wish Episode 1

In Cold Blood

E1M1: Home Sweet Home

Caleb is trying to rest after the defeat of Tchernobog, but evil never sleeps! T-Bog is back with a new body, some new tricks, and an axe to grind with the one who took him down.
The undead army has returned as well. You’ll have to defend your home and navigate the mile-high mines if you ever want some peace and quiet.


E1M2: Lost Highway

The Cabal seems to be using a closed road to ship supplies. You’ll have to cut through the forest to cut off their supply line, but watch out! These vehicles won’t hesitate to take out friend and foe alike if they get in the way.


E1M3: Ice & Fire

A small house near the end of the highway hides a big secret. Be ready when you enter – there’s more to this cozy home than meets the eye!


E1M4: The Abyss

A deep cavern lies beneath the ice where cultists worship and creatures crawl. You’ll have to reach the bottom to drive out the evil forces. Tchernobog’s new body is beginning to gain power, so be careful when he appears!


E1M5: Jigsaw

You’ve traded the open caverns of the Abyss for the claustrophobic confines of the Trap House. You’ll have to be crafty to get out of Tchernobog’s deadly dwelling in one piece.

E1M6: Arctic Outpost

At the end of the Earth the Cabal has dug up an ancient evil to call their own. What could it be? The answer to this mystery lies somewhere in the frozen research center for you to find.


E1M7: Urban Decay

The undead army is using a dark city as its final icy stronghold. From dilapidated apartments to pristine offices, the lurking evils must be eliminated if you are to make your way to the city rooftops where Tchernobog awaits.


E1M8 (Boss): Vertigo

Watch your step! T-Bog makes his last stand on the city rooftops, and is ready to call upon the remaining enemy swarm to take you down – and it’s a long way!


E1M9 (Secret Level): Spooky World

An amusement park full of rides, greasy food, and fun! Grab a key from each attraction and make your way to the biggest and scariest ride of all!


E1M10 (Transition Mini-Level): Ring of Fire

You won’t be getting back THAT easily! The Cabal has been preparing while you were playing in Spooky World, and now you’ll have to plow through the newly gathered rotting ranks to continue on your way.

Death Wish Episode 2

Scar Trek

E2M1: Armada

The Cabal is on the run after their defeat in the arctic, carrying supplies to a new base. You’ll have to board their vessels and deliver some punishment before they can deliver their cargo.


E2M2: Out to Launch

It looks like the caravan of ships was delivering to this space center. Have the Cabal expanded their territory into the stars? You’ll have to find a way skyward if you want the answer.


E2M3: Mothership

If the Cabal didn’t think you’d be able to reach them up here, they’re about to get a big surprise! You can clear out the ship, but it could still be occupied later. How can you shut it down once and for all?


E2M4: Weird Science

Back down to Earth and back down to business. Some strange experiments are taking place in a haunted castle and you’re here to investigate. Be wary – Tchernobog has also returned from the Mothership and is ready to show off his increased power!


E2M5: Twilight Grotto

T-Bog’s abilities continue to build along with his undead ranks, and here he’ll demonstrate both. Don’t let the scenic view take your guard down – this is the setting for some of your most furious battles yet.


E2M6: The Black Tower

An army stands between you and the ominous Black Tower, and things only get more dangerous inside. You’ll need all your reflexes and battle skills to make it past this enormous fortress and find what lies beneath.


E2M7 (Boss): Legion

Far into the depths of the Earth Tchernobog waits, ready to show you what his army can really do. Unrestricted by the confines of your last encounter on the city rooftops, the army has full reign in this underground showdown. Your fighting abilities will be put to the test as you take on the full power of the Cabal.

E2M8 (Secret Level): Incomplete

No work completed for this level.

E2M9 (Transition Mini-Level): Behemoth

Completed. Previews coming soon.

Death Wish Episode 3

War is Hell

E3M1: Whisper Peak

The undead army has been crippled, and so the final search for Tchernobog himself begins. Your search brings you to a town in a dreamlike sleep that hides nightmares from the past. Is this the path to Tchernobog or his attempt to unravel your mind?


E3M2: The Room

Things only get more surreal as you find yourself trapped in a rotting Urban Decay (E1M7) apartment with no way out other than a widening passage to a grungy subway world. The supernatural loop is surely Tchernobog’s doing, so you’re on the right track. However, the apartment deteriorates with each visit … can you escape the cycle before the apartment, or reality, begins to crumble?


E3M3: Work in Progress

This level is currently being developed. Previews available when completed.

E3M4: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M5: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M6: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M7 (Boss): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M8 (Secret Level): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M9 (Transition Mini-Level): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.