Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death Wish • Everything So Far

Death Wish Episode 1

In Cold Blood

E1M1: Home Sweet Home

Caleb is trying to rest after the defeat of Tchernobog, but evil never sleeps! T-Bog is back with a new body, some new tricks, and an axe to grind with the one who took him down.
The undead army has returned as well. You’ll have to defend your home and navigate the mile-high mines if you ever want some peace and quiet.


E1M2: Lost Highway

The Cabal seems to be using a closed road to ship supplies. You’ll have to cut through the forest to cut off their supply line, but watch out! These vehicles won’t hesitate to take out friend and foe alike if they get in the way.


E1M3: Ice & Fire

A small house near the end of the highway hides a big secret. Be ready when you enter – there’s more to this cozy home than meets the eye!


E1M4: The Abyss

A deep cavern lies beneath the ice where cultists worship and creatures crawl. You’ll have to reach the bottom to drive out the evil forces. Tchernobog’s new body is beginning to gain power, so be careful when he appears!


E1M5: Jigsaw

You’ve traded the open caverns of the Abyss for the claustrophobic confines of the Trap House. You’ll have to be crafty to get out of Tchernobog’s deadly dwelling in one piece.

E1M6: Arctic Outpost

At the end of the Earth the Cabal has dug up an ancient evil to call their own. What could it be? The answer to this mystery lies somewhere in the frozen research center for you to find.


E1M7: Urban Decay

The undead army is using a dark city as its final icy stronghold. From dilapidated apartments to pristine offices, the lurking evils must be eliminated if you are to make your way to the city rooftops where Tchernobog awaits.


E1M8 (Boss): Vertigo

Watch your step! T-Bog makes his last stand on the city rooftops, and is ready to call upon the remaining enemy swarm to take you down – and it’s a long way!


E1M9 (Secret Level): Spooky World

An amusement park full of rides, greasy food, and fun! Grab a key from each attraction and make your way to the biggest and scariest ride of all!


E1M10 (Transition Mini-Level): Ring of Fire

You won’t be getting back THAT easily! The Cabal has been preparing while you were playing in Spooky World, and now you’ll have to plow through the newly gathered rotting ranks to continue on your way.

Death Wish Episode 2

Scar Trek

E2M1: Armada

The Cabal is on the run after their defeat in the arctic, carrying supplies to a new base. You’ll have to board their vessels and deliver some punishment before they can deliver their cargo.


E2M2: Out to Launch

It looks like the caravan of ships was delivering to this space center. Have the Cabal expanded their territory into the stars? You’ll have to find a way skyward if you want the answer.


E2M3: Mothership

If the Cabal didn’t think you’d be able to reach them up here, they’re about to get a big surprise! You can clear out the ship, but it could still be occupied later. How can you shut it down once and for all?


E2M4: Weird Science

Back down to Earth and back down to business. Some strange experiments are taking place in a haunted castle and you’re here to investigate. Be wary – Tchernobog has also returned from the Mothership and is ready to show off his increased power!


E2M5: Twilight Grotto

T-Bog’s abilities continue to build along with his undead ranks, and here he’ll demonstrate both. Don’t let the scenic view take your guard down – this is the setting for some of your most furious battles yet.


E2M6: The Black Tower

An army stands between you and the ominous Black Tower, and things only get more dangerous inside. You’ll need all your reflexes and battle skills to make it past this enormous fortress and find what lies beneath.


E2M7 (Boss): Legion

Far into the depths of the Earth Tchernobog waits, ready to show you what his army can really do. Unrestricted by the confines of your last encounter on the city rooftops, the army has full reign in this underground showdown. Your fighting abilities will be put to the test as you take on the full power of the Cabal.

E2M8 (Secret Level): Incomplete

No work completed for this level.

E2M9 (Transition Mini-Level): Behemoth

Completed. Previews coming soon.

Death Wish Episode 3

War is Hell

E3M1: Whisper Peak

The undead army has been crippled, and so the final search for Tchernobog himself begins. Your search brings you to a town in a dreamlike sleep that hides nightmares from the past. Is this the path to Tchernobog or his attempt to unravel your mind?


E3M2: The Room

Things only get more surreal as you find yourself trapped in a rotting Urban Decay (E1M7) apartment with no way out other than a widening passage to a grungy subway world. The supernatural loop is surely Tchernobog’s doing, so you’re on the right track. However, the apartment deteriorates with each visit … can you escape the cycle before the apartment, or reality, begins to crumble?


E3M3: Work in Progress

This level is currently being developed. Previews available when completed.

E3M4: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M5: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M6: Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M7 (Boss): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M8 (Secret Level): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.

E3M9 (Transition Mini-Level): Incomplete

No work has been completed for this level.


  1. Well... WOW! E1M3, E2M6, E3M2, E3M1 and E1M4 looks better than orginal levels!

  2. Thanks! Just wait until you play - I have lots of tricks up my sleave.