Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Updates

I've been working on a number of things in the past several weeks.
  1. E3M6 is nearly complete, but was very effects-heavy and took some extra time.
  2. E3M9 (Transition Mini-Level) is completed.
  3. Went back through some of the previous levels and did some editing here and there.
  4. Installed Boot Camp on my Mac so I could run the smacker conversion software for video.
  5. Recorded audio for movies.
  6. Created a complete plain-text walkthrough of every completed level for the add-on, split into 2 sections: One that doesn't reveal any secrets of secret levels and another that reveals everything. This took waaaay more time than I thought it would, but it helped me catch a few errors and make the player game-path a little less confusing in the more complicated maps.
 I'm basically trying to polish up some of the older stuff as we close in on the end here. After E3M6 is done I just have to create the final boss level! The whole thing is really starting to feel complete. Looks like the final map total will clock in at 28, excluding the BB Maps and the special Co-Op map (although the rest of the add-on will be set up for Co-Op, as well).

As you can see from my list there will be movies with narration at the beginning and end of each episode to flesh out the story. Hopefully I haven't gotten too rusty with After Effects. I edit video quickly so don't expect that to hold me up too much.

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