Monday, October 31, 2011

Death Wish Released!

It has arrived at last!

Caleb will need to muster all his strength to take down the mighty Tchernobog,
who has managed to free himself from the grip of death.

ModDB Page

  1. Over 30 levels spread out across 3 episodes, which includes secret levels and transition levels for flowing smoothly back into the main campaign.
  2. 6 new cut scenes, appearing at the beginning and end of each episode explaining the story and its developments throughout the course of the game.
  3. New story, taking place after the events of the original Blood and its add-ons while staying within the same mythology.
  4. The Tome message system, giving the player hints and story tidbits during play to further deepen the story and reveal hints or secrets.
  5. All the levels have been adapted to be playable in Co-Op mode, so you and up to 7 other friends can tackle Death Wish together.
  6. All levels include modified enemy and item placement depending on difficulty settings for added replay value. Even long-time Blood pros will find a challenge in Death Wish's brutal Extra Crispy setting.
  7. A very detailed plain-text Walkthrough is included. It is split into 2 sections: One with the basic player path discussed and the other revealing all available secrets.
  8. A Commentary text file is included, revealing the creator and lead QA tester's thoughts on Death Wish and its content.
  9. A detailed README file is included, ensuring that everyone can get things working properly even on varying file system configurations.
  10. Simple drag-and-drop installation — no confusing or malfunctioning installers.

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  1. Dang I can't seem to get it to do the cutscenes via the directory where Blood is installed...

  2. You'll have to edit the dw.ini file to reflect where your Blood folder is located. The default is C:\Blood.

    for example, if Blood were inside of a folder called "Games" on the E drive you'd have to change every instance of C:\Blood to E:\Games\Blood in the dw.ini file.

    There are instructions in the DW README.txt file included with Death Wish.

  3. Yeah I read em...and I tried putting in C:\Program Files (x86)\\One Unit Whole Blood (Exactly like this) for each one but it still doesn't play em.

  4. Hi. It won't run for me on account of when I try to run the .bat file it says that the .bat file is incompatible with 64-bit versions of windows.

    Any idea how to fix this? :(

  5. Oh, it's me again. For the record, I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and my version of Blood is the version, which has DOSbox included. Which I'm guessing is why I can run it from the Start Menu but not from the executables directly in the folder.

  6. I always use DosBOX since I'm stuck playing on a Mac.

  7. C:\Program Files (x86)\\One Unit Whole Blood

    Looks complicated... might need to add spacers.
    Like One_Whole_Unit_Blood etc.

    If that doesn't work try renaming your folder to just "Blood" and sticking it directly on your C:\ drive instead of buried in a number of subfolders with complex names. DOS won't act properly when you use unnecessary spacing in folder names.

  8. Having the same trouble as users above.
    The text within the ini file is adjusted to suit the new file path, but no cutscene plays. It just jumps straight to "Cujo?" (Which I love btw).

    I've also tried having a new blood folder with all the needed content in just "C:\Blood" and running through dosbox, yet still no cutscene. (That's without editing dw.ini in the C:\Blood filepath)

    I gather your tester played on PC? or were you both on mac. Just a thought :P

    I'm running win7 64bit if that matters.

    Please help. Been looking forward to this mod since your first posty thread :'(

  9. When I try and run DW.bat with DOSBox I get an error message saying "src\sound.cpp(516): Playback failed, possibly due to an invalid or conflicting IRQ"

  10. Do your movies for regular Blood work properly? If so, that may be good news!

    Death Wish's ini file is basically a mirror of the original game's. So, if you dropped all the contents directly into the Blood folder, you should be able to open Blood.ini and see what file paths it is using to access its movies (cs1.smk, etc) and use that in Death Wish's ini.

    If that doesn't work don't fret! We are getting our hands on the GOG version today and working out a fix. I'm not sure how the GOG works till we get our hands on it.

    Does that sound error occur every time you boot up Death Wish? It shouldn't! Sometimes I have to restart DOSBox when that starts happening.

  11. Huzzah!! You're a Genius!

    It worked perfectly, but oddly without file paths. Does that sound normal!? The blood.ini literally only read as "CutSceneA=cs1.smk" as opposed to having a file path toward cs1.smk.

    So I opened dw.ini , removed the file paths so that it only read "CutSceneA=dw1a.smk" and Hey-Presto! Lovely DeathWish Intro.

    Thanks a bunch. Hope that helps everyone else as well! ;D

  12. I've had some people say the audio does not play with this method for some reason, and will only work after adding the C:\ in front. Audio should play with each movie.