Friday, November 4, 2011

Death Wish 1.1

This version features every fix and the updated README & GoG content.


  1. Brilliant! Thank you! It's all working perfectly and there are no errors (yet) :D

    I fixed those texture issues by removing any trace of Blood on my computer and starting completely fresh. Only now a new problem has risen...

    Do you get high quality music playing in blood?
    I usually have the classic 8-bit sounding tracks which I know oh so well, but on this install I suddenly have music which I gather is from the soundtrack, and I can't seem to lower the volume. I want the old music back :0 is that possible?

    Other than that, thank you, both you and Yodzilla, and I look forward to playing this highly anticipated mod.

  2. Are you playing the GOG version or the original release? For the original to hear the high-quality CD sound you have to have the disk in and make sure to mount the drive in DOSBox a certain way. If it's the GOG version they have the CD audio embedded into the game itself I believe.

    But if you can't control the volume of the music through the menu in-game see if you can modify it in setup.exe. I can't remember off the top of my head but that's the only thing I can think of now.

  3. It's the GOG version, but what I'm saying is that I want the old original Blood in-game music, not the CD audio.

    I have fond memories of the old blood tunes from the original version, but have since lost the original and purchased the GOG version. The CD audio and the soundtrack are great, and very spooky, but I want the old music instead! I'm very retro and my memories of blood are with the original music.

    I'll look in setup, see if there's a way to turn CD audio OFF and get the old music back, but I fear I've lost the old tunes forever D:

    (BTW I've just got past the first Secret Level, and I'm absolutely loving this mod. It's brilliant. The sheer amount of enemies grouped together in ExtraCrispy make amazing amounts of carnage with some TNT handy. Excellent stuff)

    I'll post back if I get the old audio to return or if someone posts a method here. CD audio is nice but I want the classic.

  4. SO... It took long enough, but I figured out how to get the old music back, should anybody using the GOG version want the original versions midi music.

    A youtuber by the name of MoonStalk3R7 responded to a comment of the same problem, saying "If you have the GOG version, renaming the game.inst file to anything else will probably disable CD audio and turn the MIDI tracks on".

    I dunno whether you guys wanted to know this or not, but regardless, it took me damn long enough to find out how to get blood music back to how I remember it, and Hell, I'm pleased. The CD music is atmospheric, but some tracks make my ears bleed. Some of it doesn't even feel like it fits in blood. This info should be spread more incase people are having the same problem.

    As for DeathWish, it's wonderful. I'm on "Weird Science" now, and so far it has been a blast. I only wish there were more people who remember blood that could appreciate this, as you deserve a lot of respect. Fantastic work.