Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Death Wish 1.2

 Available in a few hours on ModDB.

Using this new version will not interfere with any of your game saves. The new version of the current mission will load the next time you play through.

The blood save files basically make a copy of the level that's being played so loading up the new stuff won't erase your progress even through all the maps are being overwritten :-)
Cutscene paths changed from C:\blood\ to C:\ in DW.ini
Some mission music rearranged
Enemy/respawn alterations throughout entire map set
Large reduction of Acolytes in favor of other enemy types
Some altered respawn arrangement
Miscellaneous textures aligned and altered
Many areas now favor enemy difficulty over increased numbers
Bugs and "traps" in co-op fixed


  1. yeah umm, when I use the DW GOG shortcut it loads up dosbox but then immediately closes. All I did was replace all the DW 1.1 files with the DW 1.2 files in the blood folder. What gives?

  2. I didn't change anything other than the dw.ini file, the README, and the maps. All the GOG stuff should work the same since I didn't alter them in any way.

    As far as the .ini goes nothing changed other than the paths for the cutscenes.

  3. hmm, looks like I goofed. Been using notepad for most of the txt files and it seemed to smush everything under the autoexec in the DosboxbloodDW onto one line. Switching the txt files to wordpad seems to fix it.

  4. I followed the instructions As far I could tell I did nothing wrong.My DOSBOX opens then closes right away.If I could get it running once I would fiddle with the cutscenes later.I tried installing the default way(c:etc) but the same thing happens.win764-bit GOG version.Pity too looks soooo awesome

  5. I got it working through dosbox only.I never did get the DW GOG shortcut to work.It's very impressive.I'm only a few levels in and it looks even more polished than the real game.Well done.Now make an all in one installer and we are good to go.