Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11-2-11 Updates

Critical bugs and other issues addressed:
Actor error from e1m3 that some people are having resolved 
False keydrop in e2m3 fixed in single-player mode
e2m7 door toggle fixed for lower difficulty settings

README expanded to include info on running Death Wish on the GOG.com version of Blood
README expanded to include info on bMouse for mouselook


  1. Ah, much better. Thank you!

    I tried editing dw.ini, though, and when I tried to save the file it said access was denied. :/ Any idea why it's doing this?

  2. Oh, and for the record, I did do all this on my Administrator account, and I did try to change the GOG folder from read-only to read-write before attempting to alter the file. The folder wouldn't stay in read-write mode, though, and went back to read-only after I tried to change it.

    Please forgive me if I'm making a rookie mistake here. On the plus side, everything non-cutscene-related is working fine, including the sound!

    That much said, DOSbox doesn't autoclose when I exit the game, unlike the main game with the GOG DOSbox macro. I have to ctrl-alt-del to get out of the game once I exit to the DOS prompt.

    Man, I wish Monolith could pause for just one minute from making FEAR sequels to release the source code for this game. :/

  3. You could try copying the ini to your desktop to reset the permissions and change it from there. Then just drop it back in your Blood folder, overwriting the old one (which should get around the permissions issue). You may have to erase the one currently in the Blood folder before you insert the new ini depending on how your folder permissions are configured.

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  6. FMVs and the sound tracks for them are working all-around now!

    That much said, the level warp cheats don't work for Death Wish or vanilla Blood. Not sure what the problem there is (I never tried the cheats before in vanilla Blood either so I don't know if it's a problem introduced by Death Wish).

  7. Level warp certainly works. All you have to do once you enter the game is press T to bring up the "say" command and then type "mario X Y" with X being the episode number (1 through 3) and Y being the level number (1 through however many levels in that episode). We've certainly relied on it many times during testing.

    As for the auto-close problem, at the DOS prompt simply type "exit". I don't know why it doesn't close the way vanilla GOG Blood does but exit is the standard DOS close command.

    For the .ini issue, that's some kind of write permission that Good Old Games puts on the folder. Don't know why it does that but I just copied the contents of whatever file I needed to edit, created a new file with those contents, deleted or renamed the old one, and then named the new file I created the same as the one I just replaced. Now you shouldn't get any permissions warnings because you created the file yourself.

    Hope these help!

  8. I played the first episode and did not come all no bugs!

  9. Bloatoid, I need some help.
    It seems as though the download link on moddb is outdated. I've re-downloaded and re-installed several times now and I keep coming across the same problem. Chrysalid Pods are invisible, and when they shoot, it looks like a floor texture appears instead of the spit sprite.

    The fire pods are still in E1M3 (Which I havent got passed yet because I thought I'd download the new patch) and they also have this strange invisible bug.

    The zip file content also no longer contains the GOG exe file which was in the second patch, so I'm wondering if the wrong zip file has been uploaded.

    Please help. I really want to play this mod and I'm very let down now that I can't play a stable version :(

  10. Artful Bodger,

    I just downloaded the zip archive from ModDB and it did indeed contain the link to launch the GOG version of Death Wish. To be clear, it's a standard Windows shortcut file, not an executable.

    You can tell if you have the right version if you open the DW README.txt file and it has this section regarding getting the mod running smoothly under Good Old Games:

    Part III. Blood from Good Old Games (GOG.com) & Control / Audio Setup

  11. Yodzilla,

    That's very strange. I've just downloaded it again and still I'm not getting the same zip archive as you. Unless I'm absolutely blind, there's no windows shortcut file, the DW README.txt has nothing about GOG in it, nor about the more recent movie sequence fixes, and the line within the zip that says "Date modified" states it was edited on October 31st.

    This got me thinking that win7 might have some bizarre memory issue and is restoring deleted files upon downloading new ones, but when I check the upload date on moddb it says November 1st (where bloatoids update says to download a file corrected after november 2nd).

    I'm not trying to be a pain. I'm actually pretty sad this isn't working because I've been keeping an eye on this mod for a long time.

    (BTW that issue with the odd textures on Pod enemies seems to be appearing on even the unmodified version of blood now. Not sure whats happened there.)

    I'm very confused and currently cannot play DeathWish. There has to be some simple fix that I'm overlooking but it really has baffled me. If you could still help, I'd be very grateful :)

  12. ModDB was not overwriting my old downloads with the new ones. Wrote a new post about it.

    As for the pod error it is unrelated to Death Wish. It sounds like you are missing one of the tile sets that comes with Plasma Pak, as this is the error that pops up when that happens. See this thread: