Monday, December 12, 2016

Death Wish Update

Apparently people still check this site so here's the status!

I've been running an indie game company with a friend since 2013 so I haven't had a lot of time to work on Death Wish in the last few years. However, I still play around and tinker with it from time-to-time so I was eyeballing October for an update. The biggest delay has been getting around to redoing the movies that play at the start/end of each episode (does anyone even care about those?).

Anyway, here are some changes:

New Secret Levels

If you've played all my other maps outside Death Wish then you've seen the new secret levels already, at least in their old form. I've updated them to "Death Wish standard" by adding effects, creating new areas, balancing fights, etc. With secret levels comes new transition levels, of course.

Like the other secret levels you'll need Key 7 to get to them, which will still require some careful exploration.

Some changes to existing levels

• Health rebalance: Last version was a little too stingy on health so I fixed that. Extra Crispy is still there for experts (including troll-like prox mine placement)
• Added new areas or altered architecture to every map (where the wall/sector max permitted)
• Removed some invisible walls and altered a few other things to make levels more speedrun friendly
• More multiplayer friendly
• More secret stuff for reaching the new levels (not listed below)

e1m1: new architecture in final segment, underwater area, and near spider key
e1m2: less glitchy cars, wrecked truck added to overpass, added toll booth, new "factory" areas
e1m3: fixed bouncing butcher glitch, improved some areas, removed tentacle enemies
e1m4: more complex staircase (shows damage), final area's bad choices (choose wisely) do more interesting thing than just instant death, almost all the sliding doors open more quickly
e1m5: small area changes, bomb door reopens after explosion, less deadly cave-in
e1m6: small area changes (planning to improve final fight)
e1m7: removed key requirement that prevented a speedrun skip, small area changes
e1m8: better hallway aesthetics, changed method to access secret area
e1m9: small area changes, moon key easier to see in dance room
e1m10: better outdoor area, more snow effects outside first hallway

e2m1: small area changes, small transport car returns to origin (for multiplayer restarts)
e2m2: small area changes, removed some key requirements so you can bomb-jump the big wall and enter the base from the 2nd elevator (more speedrun friendly)
e2m3: areas become walled off during the destruct sequence (dramatically cutting down the number of explosions needed and the resulting errors that come from it), much faster pod ride, multiplayer "traps" removed
e2m4: small area changes, water in first area flows toward the docks (so the swim is much faster even when the distance is the same)
e2m5: small area changes (planning to improve vineyard battle)
e2m6: small area changes, underwater area less obnoxious, fixed gate in flesh orbit area
e2m7: small area changes, enemy placement changes, removed a key requirement that prevented bomb-jump skipping from blue crystal area to a later area to get the dagger key early
e2m8: small architecture changes, faster elevator to top level, less gargoyle spawns (that most players are skipping near the end of the level anyway), greatly improved a few of the "tree areas"
e2m9: small changes, got rid of that ugly little island in the lava, doors eventually reopen (for multiplayer)
e2m10: better explosion sequence, greatly improved "lab" area that looks less uniform
e2m11: small area changes

e3m1: small area changes -- not much I can do here since you can only have so many fog areas before Mapedit crashes
e3m2: small area changes
e3m3: better elevators, small architecture edits, more multiplayer friendly
e3m4: small changes, bait shop wall easier to access
e3m5: various edits, removed invisible walls and altered map a bit to allow speedrun TNT-skips, planning on making the appearance of the eye key at the top of the gallery more clear), faster wall-bombing explosion string after radio call, easier to spot radio
e3m6: small area edits, first elevator setup doesn't require you to shoot the switch, less enemy spam in flesh temple underwater area
e3m7: lots of changes, mostly to combat and enemy placement, fighting the Beasts is way less annoying and is preceded by better weapon drops, superfluous stone gargoyle removed
e3m8: you can't blow up the dying TBog early with an explosive while the sounds still play, I tried speeding up the initial platform ride but you just fall off :-/
e3m9: small changes to textures
e3m10: ocean area is now very shallow (I was going to convert it to ice or something but then it doesn't make sense for you to sail to the next level)

That's it for now! I'm debating adding one last secret level so each episode has 2 a piece, but we'll see what I have to for in the coming year. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Mister Bloatoid as a big fan of blood series, please can you make a video, how to lunch death wish for One Unit Whole Blood (GOG version). I tried your instruction in dw readme, but i still dont know what im doing wrong...and i`m dying to play your addon for blood

  2. I don't have the GOG version so I'm not sure exactly how to fix the problems people are having from my own experience, but there are a lot of helpful replies in the comment section here:

    If anyone finds a sure-fire way to get this working for GOG I'll include it in the README with the next update.

  3. Excellent levels for a legendary game. Thank You for your great work, Sir!